I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff for your expertise and professionalism on the “A” project. The experience will raise the bar for my company in all future installations. My hope at the outset was to absorb everything and anything that I could from the experience. I am happy to report that my outlook on tile installation is forever changed for the better. Thank you for your attention to detail, insight and punctual responses. I am sure we will be in contact. – Neil Sullivan, President, Sullivan’s Stone Factory

What I just witnessed is my last 24 years of education within a 2-3 hour long course!!!!  I get asked the info in this course every day from other salespersons, designers, engineers, etc.  It really does work and gives you the edge over your competition if you can lead clients to a great decision. – John C. Grubb, Charles Luck Stone Center

TTMAC’s “Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile” online course allows our members to upgrade the knowledge base of their employees, making them more effective and productive when dealing with their clients. – Len Tompkins, TTMAC’s General Manager

We incorporate “Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile” into our training curriculum for each new employee. “Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone” will now be an essential part of our orientation as well, providing new employees with an education in the maintenance, selling, and classification of natural stone. I recommend the course for dealers and distributors whose businesses rely on well-informed salespeople and support staff. – Ryan Calkins, Statements Tile & Stone

We put all of our new employees through the course and we see immediate results. Our sales people become more effective at selling sooner. – Frank John Garcia, Gulf Tile & Creations

One of the biggest issues that we face with our staff is making sure that everyone has the same foundation of industry knowledge. The UofCTS online ceramic tile course provides us with the educational consistency from which we can continuously build our staff’s knowledge. This allows our customer and vendor partners the comfort of knowing that they will always be working with experts. For this reason, everyone in our company – no matter their background or job title – goes through the UofCTS online course. – John Zolman, Sales and Marketing Manager, Miles Distributors, Inc.

In regards to the TTMAC Ceramic Tile Course, Ames Tile & Stone has put all our over 100 employees through the course and any new hires are required to take the course. This refers to all our staff, in all capacities, from the warehouse to accounting, etc.  The course has been very beneficial to our staff particularly when they are talking to customers. Employees now have confidence in answering questions, and our customers like to purchase from knowledgeable people.  All our employees are classified as salespeople and are signed into the phone system to take overflow phone calls when the sales staff is busy.  So with the course under their belts they feel much more confident on the line with our customers.  Ames has now become the first choice for our customers to call with any ceramic tile questions that come up, due to our increased knowledge.  We will be sending our employees through the new TTMAC Stone Course as we did with the TTMAC Ceramic Tile Course. – Curt Higham, Training Director, Ames Tile & Stone Ltd.

Thank you so much for your help Donato!  I can’t express again how helpful this course (Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile) is to our entire company. – Meggan Mulkey, Sales Director, Designs in Marble, LLC, Tile & Granite Showroom.