Volume Discounts

Volume discounts begin at pre-purchasing ten (10) or more course tuitions.

10 tuitions is $135 per tuition

25 tuitions is $120 per tuition

50* tuitions is $105 per tuition

75* tuitions is $90 per tuition

100* tuitions is $75 per tuition

* Tuition purchases of 50 or more have an additional fee of $500.00 for creating an online registration form that can be used to manually register students or be used with website ecommerce programs for selling courses from a website.

– Tuitions are valid for only one year from date of purchase –

The UofCTS courses are also available in Canada through the Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC). Click here for more information. 

For a pdf volume order form, payment form and group registration form click here, or click contact to reach UofCTS for details.