The UofCTS also offers online live synchronous training where students and teacher meet at a scheduled time and synchronize their computers and telephone for a class-room experience.  Teachers are able to distribute homework and handouts to students and students can upload their homework to turn it in to teachers.  The campus provides grading and course management for the student and the teacher.  It doesn’t matter where student or teacher are located as long as they each have access to a computer and the internet.

The Learning Management System (LMS) used by the UofCTS allows administrators to assign, track and store training information.  Classes, skill levels and courses can be created and managed.  Whether the training takes place online or in the classroom, the LMS can schedule, control and keep track of employees’ training history.  The LMS will automatically notify students of scheduled classes. The LMS provides testing, surveys, and discussion groups.  There are many management tools and reports to allow for a well managed training department.