Pre-Purchase 75 UofCTS Tuitions


Pre-purchase 75 each of the UofCTS Online Education Course Tuition at $90.00 USD per tuition to be used within one year.  The tuitions can be used to access any of the UofCTS online courses that list for $150.00 USD each.  Each tuition will provide 14 days of 24/7 access to any UofCTS Online course that Lists for $150.00.  Some courses List for $300.00 USD and require two tuition coupons.

There is an extra $500.00 fee for purchases of 75 or more tuitions for creating a custom HTML registration page for the buyer that will allow the buyer to register their own students for the UofCTS Online courses.

Within two weeks, you will be emailed the HTML registration form link for registering up to 75 separate $150.00 courses.  Each course tuition is for 1 time use for 1 student, to be used within one year.  $300.00 UofCTS courses will require two of the $150 tuitions per $300.00 tuition.