Why Online Education is So Important

For a clear understanding of the value and benefits of online education, it is extremely worthwhile to view this video presentation by Stanford University professor, Daphne Koller.  She does a great job of articulating why online education is so important and how it can help people reach their goals.  Professor Koller provides data substantiating that online education courses, referred to as Mastery Learning, with the active learning methodology of interactive and engaging features and the immediate personalized feedback is extremely effective in teaching and reinforcing learning.  A key message in her presentation is that online education enables people to easily and affordably obtain an education.  Online education provides a consistent approach to teaching, and there are no limitations regarding how many students can take a course or how many teachers are needed.  Students can access the online universities 24/7 and they can take a course from anywhere in the world as long as they have a computer and an internet connection.  In 2002, Donato Pompo foresaw the growth in online training and created the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone.  The UofCTS offers courses for tile and stone installers, distributors, manufacturers, architects and other professionals who can easily and affordably obtain a meaningful education for ceramic tile, glass tile, natural stone and other products.   Visit www.UofCTS.org for more details on UofCTS courses.