Specify the Right Tile

SpecifyRightTileAll tiles are not suitable for all applications. Floor tiles used in interior wet areas and exterior areas must be slip resistant.  Tiles used in exterior applications in cold regions must be freeze thaw stable.  Some floor tiles may wear well when installed as a residential floor, but may not wear well in a house at the beach that will be subjected to sandy conditions.  Residential floor tiles should not be used in commercial applications due to the heavy foot traffic in commercial settings. Some tiles might work well on a vanity, but might end up staining if used on a kitchen countertop or in a swimming pool that’s subjected to chemicals.  Some stones work well on walls, but don’t work well on floors.  Make sure that the tile you select or install is suitable for the intended use.  To determine if the tile is suitable for the intended use, ask the tile supplier to provide data sheets and test data indicating the tiles’ recommended uses and limitations, and to verify that the tile meets industry standards.