Cheaper is Not Always Better

s_TileWise153install5bucksFAll too often consumers hire tile setters who present the lowest bids, claiming that they “have been setting tile for 30 years.” Uninformed consumers assume they are getting skilled tile and stone installers who will do great work. Unfortunately, a substantially low bid is generally an indication of inexperience — hardly the kind of person you want to install hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of tile or stone in your home!

Most installers have not had any formal training for installing tile; they frequently learn on the job from other installers, for better or worse, and many of them are not up-to-date on industry standards, if at all.

Consumers make a big mistake by going cheap on installation labor and not taking the time to qualify installers. The best way for consumers to help ensure that their tile will be installed per industry standards is to make sure their installer is either a Certified Tile Installer through the Union or CTEF, or that they are at least ITS Verified through the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone.

Certification is a win-win for both the consumer and the installer. First, it gives the installer credibility in the eyes of a potential client; and second, it gives the consumer some assurance that the installer knows and will apply industry standards on the job. Ultimately, certification leads to more business and helps installers and consumers avoid costly problems!

The ITS Verification course is a 4-hour online course that teaches industry standards for tile and stone installations. It can be taken all at once in one sitting, or in sections, anytime over the two week registration period. The cost is $150. Use the coupon code “NTCAonline” and get a 10% discount at .