Welcome to the new University of Ceramic Tile and Stone blog!

Hello! Chances are, if you’re reading this post you are either a current UofCTS student, thinking about becoming one, or just someone who loves ceramic tile and stone as much as we do.

We realize that there’s a lot to know about tile and stone, and there are many issues that can arise when selling, installing or caring for these products. While much of what you will encounter is covered in our online courses, we know that special cases do occur. So it was important to us to create this blog as a means to encourage questions and discussions.

We will also post information like useful selling tips, installation tips, industry standards, case studies, testing standards, training issues, industry events and other fun stuff regarding tile and stone.

The views expressed in the UofCTS blog do not represent the views of the UofCTS or affiliated companies. The UofCTS will moderate comments, and we reserve the right to exclude any offensive or irrelevant posts. Please review the following guidelines before you post:

  • All discussions and shared links must clearly relate to the ceramic tile and stone industries.
  • Discussions should advance the professional development of ceramic tile and stone professionals.
  • Be professional, kind, polite and respectful of others.
  • Promotions of products and services (even when free) are not allowed.
  • Please do not post private information (e.g., phone numbers or addresses).
  • Job posts are not allowed. This includes messages that advertise job opportunities; recruit candidates; feature resumes and applications, or that self-promote one’s availability for positions.
  • Spam messages and postings are prohibited. Spam includes:
    • Sending multiple unsolicited messages to group members. Substantiated complaints will result in the spammer being removed and blocked.
    • Posting the same discussion repeatedly in order to promote a product, service or company.
    • Posting commercial comments in discussions when such comments have nothing to do with the discussion.
    • Posting comments for the sole purpose of making it go to the top of discussions.

We look forward to interesting discussions that will benefit the ceramic tile and stone industry as a whole!